Eggplant: Delicious appetizer

Eggplant: Two eggplant cut in circles or halved 

 Eggplant one of the best delicious appetizer. and her Two eggplant cut in circles or halved.

Eggplant: Delicious appetizer

My family would disown me if I did not have eggplant for them at least once a week

Two eggplants cut in circles or halved 

1 cup buttermilk

I egg

Tablespoon salt

Teaspoon pepper

Teaspoon onion powder

Teaspoon garlic

Mix buttermilk, egg, and spices

Add cut eggplant. Let sit fir an hour 

Batter for frying

Oil of your choice for frying 

One cup fine cornflour

One cup cornstarch

Teaspoon salt

Teaspoon black pepper 

Teaspoon onion powder 

Teaspoon garlic powder 

Mix all ingredients very well

Herb dressing 

1/2 cup Oil of your choice 

Three tablespoons red wine vinegar

One teaspoon salt

One teaspoon white pepper 

Two tablespoons finely chopped garlic

1/2 bunch parsley chopped

1/2 bunch dill chopped

Mix all ingredients set aside to chill 

Dip eggplant in dry batter and fry till crispy and golden 

When ready to serve put on a plate in a decorative manner and drizzle the dressing Enjoy.


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